EA SportsMadden GIFerator
The Internet’s favorite trash-talking memes, made with game footage and real-time data

Want to take a masterclass in trash talk? Drop in on a game of Madden, where gamers are more than happy to absolutely savage each other for a laugh.

"I'm gonna make Gretzky's head bleed for super fan 99 over here."  (Is Swingers still a relevant reference?)

To celebrate the launch of the 25th edition of this iconic franchise, we saw an opportunity to tap into this culture of boasting and banter to reach the broader audience of NFL fans who weren't giving the game the attention it deserved.

Just a few of the more than 420,000 GIFerator memes created by fans.

We created the Madden GIFerator, an automated campaign platform that turned real-time NFL data and Madden footage into incredibly relevant and delightfully biting memes.

In-game event triggers automatically created GIFs

The GIFerator turned an event in an NFL game, like a touchdown or interception, into memes and display ads in just seconds. That content showed up for fans as they were watching games (and talking smack on their phones) for every one of the NFL's 256 regular season games, automatically.

Things really took off when we let fans use the GIFerator to make their own memes, taking Madden GIFs from a marketing activation to a beloved part of the Internet lexicon.

I led this highly-awarded campaign from pitch to the playoffs, including close collaboration with the Google and EA Sports teams.

We helped EA Sports score big points with the fans.