Google Interactive Retail Demos
Letting shoppers online experience phones, buds, and smart home devices just like in real life

From best-of-lists, to influencer review videos, to product sites themselves – there are plenty of places to passively hear what someone else thinks about the latest tech device. But, the real moment of truth in the shopping journey is when you finally get to hold the phone in your hands, speak a command to the smart speaker, or hear the music play in your soon-to-be new headphones.

I've overseen multiple engagements with the Google retail team to create immersive demos for their home and mobility products, all with the intent of giving shoppers a chance to experience the amazing devices in an interactive and engaging way.

We embraced the mantra of try before you buy with innovative interactions like speaking to the Google Assistant voice UI right in the browser, controlling multiple connected devices in a simulated home, and placing smart devices on your person and in your space with AR.

From the in-store demo running on every Pixel device to interactive features on the Google Store, every experience was designed to delight with smart interactivity and exceptional craft.

Putting the magic right in your hands.